Which Of These Body Hair Removal Methods Is Best For You?

by Bill on December 15, 2011

There are many techniques for body hair removal on the market. People are always looking for the best way to rid their bodies of unwanted hair.

Some people find a method that works and stick to it while others feel they have tried everything and nothing is getting the job done. The first step in finding the body hair removal method best for you is to understand the different methods and how they work.

The best known and used form of body hair removal is shaving. This involves using a razor and some sort of shaving cream or lotion. This method is easy to do and relatively inexpensive. It works by cutting off the hair at the surface of the skin.

Body hair removal by a razor will grow back rather quickly and sometimes hair is cut unevenly. A common issue with shaving is razor burn or rash, also cuts. The best way to avoid problems with shaving is to use a cream or lotion and make sure the razor is gliding over skin evenly and smoothly.

Shaving has to be done often as hair grows back rather quickly in most people. Shaving is good for large areas of hair removal or small areas of body hair removal.

Pulling out hair with tweezers is another method. This method of body hair removal is also inexpensive and easy for one to do themselves. Tweezing involves pulling the hair out of the skin, root and all.

It can be painful and can be time consuming if removing a large area of hair. All that is required is good lighting and a pair of tweezers.

Irritation is the most common complaint. This can be eased by applying ice to the area before plucking. The effects of tweezing last for a while since the hair is removed at the root. Tweezing is best for small areas of body hair removal.

Waxing is another popular form of body hair removal. Waxing can be done for small or large areas of hair. It basically involves applying a wax substance, which can be made of natural products, to the skin and then rubbing a cloth strip over the area.

The cloth is then ripped off, removing the hair follicle with it. This method is rather painful, but does not have to be done often.

Depilatories are a body hair removal method where a cream is used to dissolve the hair. This can become expensive if doing often over large areas.

Using this form of body hair removal is simple. All a person does is spread the depilatory over the area of hair to be removed, wait’s a certain amount of time and then rinses the cream off.

Some people experience irritation if the cream is left on too long, so checking a depilatory before use is important. The effects of a depilatory last longer than shaving, but not quite as long as waxing.

Electrolysis is a permanent method of body hair removal. It needs to be done by a professional. Electrolysis involves applying electrical currents to the hair roots, which makes the root unable to produce hair again. It is a tedious process and for large areas can take hours and be quite expensive.

Personal preference plays a big part in the choice an individual makes. The preference of how often, pain and time all go into what method a person chooses. It is an individual choice, but understanding a little about body hair removal methods can help make the choice easier.

Article by Denise Sears



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