How to Shave the Bikini Area

by Pete on April 30, 2012

How to Shave the Bikini Area

Let’s face it: every woman needs to know how to shave the bikini area for at least one occasion in their life where they will be wearing a bikini or other kind of swimsuit. The so-called bikini area is the area that is shown when women are wearing bikinis or bathing suits. The area encompasses all of the skin that is shown when a woman is wearing a bikini and is not wearing a swim skirt or other cover up. This basically includes the thigh area, including the inner thigh area. These areas, like many areas of a woman’s body, are naturally covered in hair. Many women wish to have these areas free of pubic hair before wearing a bikini to avoid exposing what they believe is unsightly hair to the public. If you are one of these women, then you will want to know how to shave the bikini area. It can be a bit tricky to remove hair from the area around a bikini and it is important to take the proper steps in shaving the bikini area. The following steps are a simple but effective way to shave the bikini area before you take that much-deserved dip in the ocean, local pool or hot tub.

Before you shave

Before you learn how to shave the bikini area, you will need to prepare your tools and your skin for shaving. These steps may seem a bit tedious when you are learning how to shave the bikini area, but they are necessary for making sure your shaving experience is as positive as it can be.

First, you will need the following in order to properly shave your bikini area:

A shaving razor; this can be electric (body bare shaver) or manual but it should be FRESH. You do not want to shave the bikini area with a dull razor.

Shaving gel or cream; shaving gel or cream will help prevent skin irritation and cuts. Shaving gels and creams come in many different scents and styles – just go with what feels best.

Water; you will need warm water to help ease the process of shaving. Preferably this will come in the form of a warm shower, but in a pinch you can also use warm water from the sink instead.

Scissors (Personal Trimmers); if the hair in the bikini area is long, you will need to shorten it with scissors (Personal Trimmers) for trimming.

The above tools will help you in your quest to learn how to shave the bikini area and will make it less likely for irritation to occur.

Optional Step

Optional Step: If the hair in your bikini area is particularly long, you will need to trim it about halfway down before you begin the shaving process. This is to ensure that your razor can handle the amount of hair it needs to shave off. This step is optional when learning how to shave the bikini area, however.


Step One:

The first step in how to shave the bikini area is to prepare your skin for shaving. Warm up your skin with a warm shower or warm water. The longer you can run the area of the bikini under warm water, the better. This will get your skin nice and soft which makes shaving a much easier process.

Step Two:

If you are using shaving gel or cream, now is the time to apply it to the area of the bikini and lather it up. Shaving gel or cream is recommended for the bikini area because it is more sensitive to irritation, especially if it is your first time shaving the area.

Step Three:

Begin to shave the mons pubis area. It’s important to be careful when shaving this area and to shave slowly. You should be using a fresh razor, which is not dulled, which will allow the razor to do the work. You shouldn’t be pressing down onto your skin but letting the razor glide across your skin, shaving the hair. You should shave in long, gentle strokes in the direction of the hair growth. This helps reduce the risk of skin irritation and cuts. If your razor becomes ‘full,’ you can replace it with a new one or rinse it off with water.

Step Four:

Repeat steps two and three until all of the hair in the mons pubis area is removed. If you are stuck with some stubble, you may shave in the direction going against the hair growth. But remember to be careful, as shaving against the hair growth makes irritation more likely.

Step Five:

Now it is time to shave the area around the bikini and thighs. As before, you can prepare the area around the bikini and thighs with shaving gel or cream before shaving. It is recommended that you use a fresh razor after shaving the mons pubis area for the bikini area and rinse the skin with warm water, especially if the hair was especially thick in order to ensure that the razor is not too dulled. And again as before, it is important to shave slowly and carefully to avoid nicks and skin irritation. You can repeat this step until all of the hair is removed.

Step Six:

After completing the shaving of the bikini and mons pubis area, you can rinse off any excess shave gel and step out of the shower. Gently pat the shaved areas dry. You may want to apply an anti-bump aftershave gel to the areas, especially if you are not used to shaving the bikini and mons pubis area of your body. You may also apply baby powder or a no scented lotion.


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How to Shave with a Razor

by Pete on April 26, 2012

If you decide you want the smooth feel take our tips on how to get a smooth pain free finish.

Use a fresh razor and pay close attention to the following steps to avoid in-grown hairs and infections, which can appear as itchy or painful bumps.

Trim It. To make this process easier, trim the genital area before applying the razor! You’ll save blades this way. Electric razors, clippers (with safety guards) or scissors work well. To get a closer cut and avoid unwanted nicks, pull the hair up then trim away. If the art of pubic shaving is new, you may want to let the hair short for a couple of days. This allows the genitals to become comfortable the transition you are about to make.

Soak it.  Soak the pubic area in warm to hot water, or lay a warm cloth over the area for about 10 minutes. This softens coarse pubic hair and makes it easier to shave and style.
Lather it. Never dry shave your pubes! If you do pain and irritation will most likely follow. Use shaving cream or gel to lather the pubic area. A thin layer of petroleum jelly will foster a closer shave. Soap doesn’t make the best lather for pubic shaving. Note that some people may have allergic reactions to certain lathering products.

Shave it.  Now your pubic area is ready to meet the razor. There are many different ways to style your pubes. Think about it before you start and be as creative as you desire. It is recommended to shave the same way the hair grows. However to get a closer shave you may want to also shave in the opposite direction. Some state this causes red bumps and ingrown hairs, but everyone is different. If you feel comfortable, try it. In addition, don’t constantly stroke the same area during the shave, this may irritate the skin. Two to three short strokes are ideal. Lastly, stretch the skin to reach the difficult hairy spots.
First-Timers: The pubic area is sensitive and may take time to adjust to the razor. Four to six is common. In addition, slowly acquaint the genitals with shaving. Once a week is plenty for your first month. No need to worry about a smooth shave the first month.

Exfoliate (remove dead skin)
One thing that people forget that is very important is to clean your skin after shaving. The best way is with a “loofa sponge” and your normal body soap. Due to sensitivity of this area, rub lightly with the sponge to prevent skin irritation. This will help remove anything that might clog the pores.

Moisturize it.  After the shave is completed rinse, dry and moisturize the freshly shaven pubic area. Baby oil and aloe Vera are two suggestions. It’s best to avoid moisturizers that contain fragrances and colors, since this may cause irritation. In addition, you may want to powder the area afterwards for comfort. Don’t use products that include talcum, it causes irritation.

Upkeep It. Wash shaven genitals on a daily basis. This helps remove unwanted oils and sweat. In addition, you may wish to moisturize and powder the area daily to avoid irritation. If you keep the hair short, you’ll avoid stubble, which causes itching. Try to wear cotton underwear and to stay away from tight fitting cloths pants. The lack of air circulation and friction of tight cloths may lead to in-grown hairs.
Downsides of removing the pubic hair
For some people, pubic hair is always easy and fun. However, for many other people it presents problems. When the genital hair begins to grow back, itching often occurs. Red bumps and ingrown hair may appear. To relieve the irritation, you can apply cortisone cream. If these symptoms cause you stress or don’t go away, see a doctor.

Some people have allergic reactions to certain shaving products, soaps, moisturizers and powders. As a solution, try hypoallergenic creams, moisturizers, or soaps. If this fails, don’t shave or trim your hair.

Some women have noted genital sensitivity during menstruation. If shaving becomes uncomfortable for women during their periods, they should time pubic shaving around their menstruation cycle.

And if one type of hair removal gives you trouble, you might consider trying a different type or hair removal. For instance, shaving might irritate your skin, but waxing might not cause as much irritation or in-grown hairs.

Keep in mind that your pubic area is not the only body part than can experience red bumps, ingrown hairs, allergic reactions to products and razor burn when shaved. In other words, be aware of the warnings but don’t let them scare you off.

If you want to trim or remove your hair with the idea of feeling sexy, try it!


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